KIESGRUBE – Celebration Generation – Season 2017



We can’t believe it’s been 20 years since we first opened the Kiesgrube doors, and whether you have partied with us for one year, five years or twenty years, you are part of this history. Whether you danced with us or danced somewhere else around the world. Whether you’ve danced under the sun, stars, rain or snow, listening to your favourite DJ or the DJ you’ve never known. If you’ve kept on dancing till the sun comes up, till the sun goes down, the sun comes up, the sun goes down. Go to work? Go to the afterhour. Miss your flight, don’t sleep, keep dancing. You know the feeling, you’re unstoppable. In the club, the beach, the field, in your mind, out of your mind. You made friends on the dancefloor, friends for the night, friends for life. You found love on the dancefloor, lovers for the night, lovers for life. You put your hands in the air, champion of the world, not a care in the world. And in 20 years we heard it all, but never enough. So dance with us for 20 more. We are the believers that there is no tomorrow. We are the Celebration Generation….!!!